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The 240 Hours All-Breed Dog Grooming Course       

Course Curriculum

Our Grooming area with the most up to date professional dog grooming equipment.

Course Curriculum

To be confident in the growing Dog Grooming Industry, we will practice and study the following subjects.

Courses are offered six times a year.

Approved as a vocational program under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005

Subjects Covered

Hands-on dog grooming in a professional shop setting

Clipper use and maintenance, Scissor use and maintenance

De-matting techniques using brushes, rakes and combs

Ear care and Nail trimming

Customer Relations

Handling and Control of Dogs

Flea facts and Pesticides

Dogs Skin, Hair and Dog Anatomy

Commercial business salons vs. Home business salons

Advertising and Marketing

Business Registration and Basic Record Keeping

Groomers Health

Groomer Terminology

"NEW" The Bather/Preparation Assistant 35 Hour Introduction Program.

The Course Overview

A Student attending the 35 hour program will attain some basic professional grooming salon requirements expected from most grooming salon owners. A student will experience a professional and practical approach in the basic grooming preparation of a dog.

Skills will include: Assessing a dog before accepting into a grooming salon and assessing a dog before the grooming process begins. Examples: coat condition, warts, scabs, parasites, deformities, injuries, and temperaments.

Students will learn handling and control methods and techniques with dogs. During this program you will learn some basic brushing/combing, de-shedding, de-matting techniques, nail trims/filing, cleaning and or plucking ears, cleaning under-pads, groin to navel, anal areas, inverted "V" if requested with the use of clippers and scissors. You will also gain some basic skills into the bathing routine and shampoo applications.

The Course Objective:

The objective of the Bather/Prep Assistant 35 hour program is to educate and prepare a student to enter a grooming salon with some basic training, understanding and knowledge required to assist a Grooming salon owner or Groomer which will help ease the training period for their business.

Please note: This course is a Non-Vocational program. This course is "NOT" subject to the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005

For more information please email and request course two at

Please note: This course is a Non-Vocational program and is "Not" subject to the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005

For more information email us at

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